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People who didn’t watch LOST

I watch a good amount of television. I’m okay with this fact as I’m usually doing something else productive like blogging or folding laundry or wrestling one of my daughter’s toys out of my dog’s mouth. I find TV to be relaxing and for me, it’s a good way to shut my brain off (which is harder than it sounds. For me, at least).


Thanks for ruining TV, JJ Abrams.

You see, I have a tendency to get sucked into shows that require a lot of attention and thought and generate about an hour’s worth of discussion when they’re over. I call this the LOST effect. If you watched LOST, you know what I’m talking about. In fact,  I don’t have PTSD; I have PTLD (post-traumatic LOST disorder).

If you didn’t, I’m jealous of you. Because you have a life. And you are capable of watching something as simple as a TV show without becoming obsessed.

If you did watch LOST and are currently suffering from the LOST effect, stay away from The Killing.