Fans of winning teams

As baseball season approaches, as a New York Mets fan, I am reminded of one simple fact.

I am jealous of people whose teams actually produce winning records.  You know, the teams who have fans who hold their heads high and make fun of  all the losers (except for the Orioles. It’s like no matter how much they  continue to lose, their fans get more and more hardcore). The fans who wear their team’s paraphernalia without fear of ridicule. The fans who look forward to October because it’s exciting, not depressing. The fans who don’t want their teams to suck so badly that they set new records for losses in a single season (seriously. I want the Mets to do that. If they’re going to be bad, let’s at least be the best at being the worst). The fans who know that the players’ elections to the All-Star team is due to good play, not the mandatory one person representative.

With that said, let’s go Mets! And please, don’t suck too badly this year. I live near Philly and it’s really getting embarrassing.



3 responses to “Fans of winning teams

  1. My husband is the biggest sports nerd. We’re from the Lou and we’re proud…ish. Cardinals usually do pretty well, and the Blues are kicking ass apparently (I don’t watch it, but I’m guessing as my husband’s in a good mood lately…) I root for the other team every time!

    • I definitely and purposefully root against any and all teams my husband roots for. However, the whole Peyton Manning in Denver thing is throwing a monkey wrench in my plans.

  2. I feel obliged to throw in a little “Go D-Backs!” as they are my team (for better or worse). My husband and I root for the same teams. We are native Arizonians and are faithful to our hometown teams. Although we didn’t have a baseball team growing up so we even share a we would never admit to anyone we cheer for them team **Cough, Cough** Dodgers**Cough, Cough.

    AND as a die hard (again, for better or worse) Arizona Cardinals fan the whole Peyton Manning thing threw a monkey wrench in my plans too!

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